Training on E-Commerce Training in Uganda by DHL Uganda

The American Chamber of Commerce of Uganda in partnership with DHL hosted a group of Ugandan Entrepreneurs for an E-Commerce Training discussing, “How best local SMEs can Promote their products internationally (USA)?” at Design Hub Kampala.

Joseph Odole, the Country Manager DHL at the training.

The term e-commerce refers to a business model that allows companies and individuals to buy and sell goods and services over the Internet. Starting out in e-commerce can be tricky if you don’t know anything about online businesses. There are a lot of mistakes that you can easily commit without knowing, and this can cost you in the long run. However, e-commerce trainings can benefit a lot of beginner online entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs got a chance to UNLOCK their E-Commerce potential from a panel that had the Commercial Manager of DHL Express Uganda, Mr. Steven Kateihwaho and the Country Manager of DHL Express Uganda, Mr. Joseph Odole which was hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce of Uganda General Manager, Eve Zalwango.Hosts and Panelists for the Training

The Country Manager DHL, Joseph Odole said that “DHL is a brand that considers it self as a logistic centre of the world. DHL, is a world leader in both domestic and international parcel delivery, helping businesses grow within and beyond borders.” during the training.

Joseph also said that, “By the year 2050 we want to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero: a highly ambitious goal. Our mission as the leading mail and logistics company is to connect people and improve lives.”

“DHL Express delivers precisely the way you’ve promised to your customer. Our logistical services connect your business to your customer. Whatever you’re sending, we know how your shipment can make the difference,” Joseph added.

The Commercial Manager DHL , Mr. Steven Kateihwaho said that, “Many people think that they only need websites to market their products. There are many digital channels you can use to make sells online these include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others.”

At the training Meg Hilbert Jaquay, President AmCham Uganda said that, “AGOA provides duty-free access to the U.S. market for over 6,000 products. Uganda is one of 38 African countries eligible for tariff-free and quota-free access to the US market. It provides consumers with high quality and diverse products at duty-free prices, while Ugandan businesses grow through increased exports and market access.”AmCham President Meg at the training

“We have so many Ugandans in the diaspora and we need to tap into them because they crave many Ugandan things. Let’s use this platform to connect.” She added.

Trainings like these can be very beneficial to entrepreneurs, the networks that one makes in them can help your business out because they know what you’re going through.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Uganda is a Company limited by guarantee founded in December 2008 by American investors in Uganda with interests in fostering and promoting greater commercial and cultural ties, cooperation, and dialogue between Ugandan and American firms and related professionals. Their mission is to bring together a community of USA brands and businesses, US citizens participating in community development in Uganda, and Ugandan-based businesses wanting to do business with the USA in a platform for sharing business, new investment opportunities, and cross-cultural exchange.