Kyagaba Isaac Newton

Isaac is an avid traveller, ardent Liverpool FC fan, realist, admirer of Robin Sharma’s works and most importantly, a father. An advocate of 12 years standing, he is a partner at Kyagaba & Otatiina Advocates – the Dentons firm in Uganda. He leads the Labour, Employment & Pensions as well as Construction and Alternative Dispute Resolution practices areas. After spending 8 years with another leading law firm, Isaac moved to set up Dentons firm in Uganda in June 2019 when Dentons was born. Over the last twelve years, Isaac has interacted with people from all walks of life and experience. This has provided him with an unmatched appreciation for the nuances of different cultures and belief systems – a skillset that has served Isaac well in his professional life. He is able to see the common thread and bridge the gap between diverging views.